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"The opinions of men are not the object of civil government, nor under its jurisdiction." Thomas Jefferson

Submissions Guidelines

Your participation is welcomed and encouraged!

If you have an opinion about a current event or an ongoing concern, consider writing an essay for inclusion on Lady Liberty's Constitution Clearing House "Your View" pages. If you've discovered a Website you think is informative, helpful, illuminating, or any combination of these things, I'd love to hear about it so I can share it withothers. If there's something, whether content or function, you'd like to see here, please let me know. The guidelines are simple, and your participation is important. Read on!

"Your View" Submission Guidelines

  • Essays should be relatively short. I will not reprint novels or novelettes.
  • The topic of the essay must relate to freedom and the preservation thereof in some manner.
  • No racist, religious, or ad hominem attacks will be considered. Criticism is fine; namecalling is not.
  • The writer agrees to have a valid contact email address publicly posted with his or her essay and to deal in a civil manner with any correspondence received as a result.
  • You may submit your essay as plain text within an e-mail; as an html attachment (preferred; largely unformatted is fine, but usable tags include <p> <h1> <h2> <ul> <a> and <b>); or as a text attachment.
  • Please do not send pdf or other uneditable file formats. Microsoft Word documents are no longer accepted.
  • Submissions will not be edited. If they need to be edited (misspellings, grammar issues, etc.), they will not be published.
  • Publication of essays on the "Your View" pages are solely at my discretion.
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Suggest a Site

  • Yes, you may suggest your own site.
  • As always, I'd appreciate a reciprocal link, but cross-linking is not required for inclusion on one of the Lady Liberty Constitution Clearing House pages (to learn more about linking to Lady Liberty's Constitution Clearing House, see the Link to Us page).
  • If you've already linked to Lady Liberty's Constitution Clearing House, email the URL so I can check out your site and consider a return link. Reciprocal linking is based on my support for your site content within this site's context, and as such is not guaranteed.
  • I will not link to local sites. No matter how pretty your site may be or how helpful it is to folks living in your immediate area, I am limiting my own links to those with the broadest possible application. I always appreciate seeing such sites, so feel free to email me about them. Just don't expect a link in return.
  • I do not engage in cross linking purely for the sake of making more links in and out. If the subject of your site is unrelated to the subject of mine, please don't bother suggesting your site—the answer is "no."
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If there's a feature you think would help Lady Liberty's Constitution Clearing House in its Mission, please don't hesitate to tell me about it! We're always on the lookout for ways to make activism easier, education more complete, and support more comprehensive.

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