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February 11, 2013

  • Bad news Bad news Already a "failure of management," UN computer project turns out to be an
    epic shambles for Ban Ki-moon
    This project is supposed to deal with such things as budgets, payroll, and the like. Really? A multi-million dollar boondoggle to create such softare, paid for in large part by the American taxpayer, isn't just poor stewardship of dues monies but is redundant! Are you telling me that there aren't large multi-national corporations out there that don't have such software and that wouldn't sell it or give it to the United Nations? Really? The UN is a colossal waste in just about every way imaginable, and this just goes to further prove the point.
  • For your information Good news The growing case for impeachment of Obama 02-10-13
    I frankly think many of the listed crimes are more serious than the experts do. But I'll defer to them given that even they see just cause for impeachment here!
  • Good news Sen. Inhofe threatens filibuster to block Hagel 02-10-13
    Good. Hagel is singularly unqualified! The only question I still have is how anybody could support the man's nomination!
  • Bad news COMMENTARY Immigration Reform Without a Secure Border? We Can’t Trust
    the Democrats
    The former? Too true. Can't be done. The latter? Also too true. Any promises made by the Obama administration in that regard are hollow at best, and simply cannot be trusted. The GOP, if it intends to do anything at all to preserve the country, needs to start with this issue and demand enforcement of existing law and a little real security on our borders before even discussing anything else!

February 7, 2013

  • Good news See the Prayer Breakfast Speech That's Grabbing Headlines... 02-07-13
    I don't normally pay a lot of attention to any of the speeches at these prayer breakfasts. But this? This is brilliant! I wonder if the good doctor would consider taking over the country for awhile...?
  • Bad news Bad news Obama Was Absent During Benghazi Attack... 02-07-13
    Huh. Apparently he's still voting "present." Or "absent," as the case may be! (It also seems fair at this point to wonder that, if the latest information is the truth, what were all of those photos the White House released of the President looking oh, so concerned as he met with people and reviewed information allegedly during the course of the Benghazi attacks?)

February 6, 2013

  • Good news California Judge Reinstates Obama Eligibility Lawsuit: Identity Document
    Fraud & Election Fraud
    Good. Any one of the questions about Barack Obama would drive the mainstream media into a frenzy if only it were being asked about someone they worshipped less! And the truth is that, if any one of those suppositions prove true, the man is, indeed, ineligible and must be summarily removed from office and every illegal act he's committed expunged from the record and lawbooks.
  • Good news Republicans blast Obama's stopgap budget fix as ploy to push tax hikes 02-06-13
    Oh, I dunno. Maybe they're calling it that because that's exactly what it is! Do I personally want to see the sequester? No. I disagree with the level of military cuts. But the President and his minions have got to get it through their thick, socialist skulls that tax reform means "reform" (which means eliminate loopholes and lower taxes acoss the board) and that spending cuts means "cuts." I've no doubt the president still thinks he doesn't have "a spending problem," but I can also guarantee you that anybody with an IQ above room temperature knows he couldn't be more wrong about that!
  • Bad news Bad news VIDEO Napolitano on Obama Drone Program: "This is the Power Claimed by
    Kings and Tyrants"
    Yes, in fact, it is. And what exactly does that say about Mr. Obama's opinion of himself and his goals for his administration, eh? (For the record, the Obama administration is allegedly about to release classified information to legislators concerning the drone program. I wonder, though, how long it will take and how complete the information will be!)

February 5, 2013

February 4, 2013

  • Bad news Republicans question whether Treasury nominee Lew broke federal law 02-04-13
    Color me cynical, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if he had. Besides, the President probably wants him to fit in with the rest of the Administration, right?
  • Bad news Bad news COMMENTARY Senate Republicans Arm the Brotherhood 02-04-13
    Sadly, that's entirely true. As reprehensible as so many of the Obama policies and positions may be, most wouldn't see the light of day if it weren't for all of the turncoats serving in both parties!
  • Bad news Bad news COMMENTARY A Cabinet of Dunces 02-04-13
    Writer Alan Caruba suggests that we can tell a lot about a President by the Cabinet he appoints (or nominates). I'd agree. Unfortunately, you can also tell a lot about the future of a country in the hands of such a cabinet, and the future of our country is neither profitable nor free under the almost certain continuation—perhaps the escalation—of the Obama administration's policies!

January 31, 2013

  • Good news The American Legion and the NRA join fight against illegal alien amnesty 01-31-13
    This is just a guess in my part, but it might be that both groups are against illegal amnesty because the vast majority of the membership of either (or both) actually happen to be patriots who still believe in the United States of America and its Constitution...
  • Good news Is this a "strategy?" Why some conservatives are still going after Hagel 01-30-13
    Actually, there are reasons virtually all Americans should "still go after Hagel." His all too bluntly stated positions on a variety of issues disqualify him in and of themselves. The fact that Barack Obama actually seems to like him is almost immaterial (but, as far as I'm concerned, should also serve as a disqualification).

January 28, 2013

  • Bad news Bad news Bipartisan group of 8 senators reaches deal on immigration changes 01-28-13
    Let me see if I can sum this up: "We can't or won't enforce the law, so we're just going to forgive the lawbreakers. But we're going to start enforcing the law soon! Honest!" Yeah, that pretty much covers it!
  • Bad news For your information ANALYSIS What happens when Congress passes an unconstitutional law? 01-28-13
    In a word? Not much, at least not for a long while. In the case of "no budget, no pay," the financial issues will have long been solved (or imploded) before any suit could possibly be resolved. And maybe it's that very lack of immediate repercussion that keeps Congress behaving the way that it does!
  • Bad news COMMENTARY America on fast track to tyranny: Could this really happen here? 01-28-13
    This is seriously scary stuff. Scarier still? It's seriously plausible stuff!
  • Bad news COMMENTARY Obama's Unconstitutional Executive Power Grab 01-28-13
    Is this bad? Yes, obviously. And yet the President keeps getting away with it! While I'm delighted with the court's ruling last week, I won't believe anything concrete will come of it unti something actually does. (For those who are unclear, that means Congress needs to stand up just like those judges and do their duty!)
  • Bad news COMMENTARY (Congressman) Alan Grayson: An Unconstitutional Two-fer 01-27-13
    I didn't like the plan when I first heard about it, and I still didn't like it when the fools in the House passed it. And now I'm really upset because I'm being forced to agree with something published in The Huffington Post!
  • Good news BLOG ENTRY Only Rebellion Can Save America 01-26-13
    Incendiary headline, I agree. But before you judge the entry by its title, skip to the bottom and check out the credentials of the writer.
  • Bad news Bad newsCOMMENTARY Understanding the Obama Conspiracy and US Takeover 01-16-13
    This is a horrifying scenario. Unfortunately for us, the author has the facts to back him up...

January 25, 2013

January 24, 2013

  • Good news Republicans challenge Clinton claims on budget cuts, Benghazi cable 01-24-13
    Secretary Clinton should be challenged! She's still lying!
  • For your information What, Exactly, Does Boehner Know About the U.S. Gun-Running Allegations in Libya? 01-24-13
    I understand and respect the word "classified." But that word doesn't equate to "carte blanche," and the investigations should be expanded until the truth is known—even if it never becomes widely known. And those responsible for the debacle should be punished severely, no matter how high that responsibility goes.
  • Bad news Liberals irate as Senate passes watered-down filibuster reform 01-24-13
    Conservatives aren't too happy, either. See the quotes offered here from Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), and the bad news is summed up quite nicely! I realize that conventional wisdom suggests that the hallmark of a good compromise is when neither party is happy with the end agreement. Maybe. In this case, though, the real losers are we, the people as the Senate now has that much more power to ramrod an agenda through with less debate and a lot less chance for checks and balance!
  • Good news Who's the New "Conscience" of House Conservatives? 01-24-13
    I hadn't really heard much about him 'til now, but that's okay. As long as his agenda involves stopping the out-of-control spending and cutting the out-of-control programs, well, I'm all for him!
  • Good news New Mexico governor takes aim at immigrant driver's licenses 01-24-13
    There's an important word missing in the headline here: "Illegal." It goes right before the word "immigrant." Should New Mexico (and Washington) continue to offer driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, they're not only rewarding people for the commission of a crime, they're actively facilitating and encouraging that crime! No benefits, however the arguments may be twisted to suggest them, can justify the bottom line here.
  • Bad news COMMENTARY "I, Barack Hussein Obama..." 01-24-13
    Is it any wonder I'm quite literally nauseated every time I hear his voice?
  • Bad news House approves bill to defuse debt ceiling 01-23-13
    ...and the fiscal irresponsibility just continues. Oh, sure, "no budget, no pay" sounds good on the evening news. But the truth here is that the Republicans are permitting the Democrats, and the Democrats are encouraging the Republicans, to continue the profligate spending. The debt ceiling exists for a reason, but that reason is apparently secondary to all of those of both parties who are all about the spending and who refuse to exercise even a little restraint in that regard.
  • Bad news BLOG ENTRY How Obama has doomed himself to failure in his second term 01-22-13
    Oh, I agree the man is a complete and utter disaster for the country. Virtually his every move has been a failure for the country (or will be) in one way or another. The problem, of course, is that his ability to bully others into giving him his way means that he's been successful. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that leads in the opposite direction for us and for freedom.
  • Good news COMMENTARY Obama's Lincoln Presumption 01-22-13
    ...and *BOOM* goes the dynamite!

January 23, 2013

  • Worst possible news Does UN arms trade treaty figure in Obama administration's gun control plans? 01-23-13
    I remain steadfastly opposed to this and any other comparable treaty which would undermine and/or supercede the Constitution of the United States of America. And the truth of the matter is that any politician who feels differently is in the process of committing treason (are you listening, Mr. President?), motives be damned!

January 22, 2013

  • For your information POLL Do Americans agree with Obama on climate change and immigration? 01-22-13
    The poll results seem to show that Americans are pretty evenly split on those issues. In my opinion, that's a bad thing. Citizens shouldn't be ignorant of science (which, at least according to the data so far, doesn't pin the blame for climate change on manmade causes) nor should they be ignorant of the Constitution (which provides a mechanism for legal citizenship, and which also requires that we have borders which we defend). The one certainty here is that, regardless of opinion, science, or law, the President will try to do what will most hurt the American economy and/or purchase his party the most votes.
  • Good news COMMENTARY Feckless surrender and a radical Republican Revolution 01-22-13
    The time for doing nothing has long passed, but the question all too often arises: Fine, but what can we actually do? Here's an idea for you, and it's a really good one!



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