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"A bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular." Thomas Jefferson


February 11, 2013

  • Good news Bad news POLL Voters: Obama no better than Bush on security vs civil liberties 02-11-13
    It's about time some people figured that out! In fact, I'd submit that Obama has not only continued all of the bad Bush policies, but actually expanded on them and come up with some new goodies all his own! Drones taking out Americans without evidence or trial, anybody?
  • Bad news Bad news COMMENTARY The Problems with the Obama White Paper 02-11-13
    Oh, and rest assured, there are problems! But they can, in essence, be summed up by noting the blatant disrespect this President and, even more importantly, this Justice Department, has for the Bill of Rights. That Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder have both made 180 degree turns in their opinions of such pre-emptive actions (which, in fairness, reached nowhere near this extent under the Bush administration) is troubling, but immaterial. The fact is that they're in control now and, as a result, none of us or our rights are safe.
  • Good news COMMENTARY/ANALYSIS Wheels coming off 02-10-13
    Believe it or not, all of this bad new is actually good news in disguise. The more expensive, the more unwieldy, the more impractical Obamacare becomes, the more likely it is that implementation will be delayed at the very least. More likely? A complete revamp, with everything on hold until the myriad problems are ironed out. Best case scenario is, of course, legitimate healthcare reform.
  • Bad news ARTICLE/FORUM How Roberts Was Blackmailed to Support ObamaCare 01-29-13
    I hope none of this is true! At the same time, I was also more than a little confused by Roberts' abrupt turnaround on Obamacare as well as by the contemptible ruling that resulted! This, I'm afraid, would explain that.

February 7, 2013

  • Bad news Supermarkets cry foul as FDA proposes new food labeling rule under ObamaCare 02-06-13
    It doesn't matter what the president said when he was shoving his extraordinarily ill advised plan to socialize healthcare down our throats. The truth is that quite literally everyone is being adversely affected in one way or another. This government monstrosity must be stopped before the egregious damages it does are irreversible!
  • For your information ANALYSIS Obamacare's pressure points 02-04-13
    There are things we can still do. I suggest we do them.

February 4, 2013

  • Bad news COMMENTARY Obama's Healthcare Lies 02-04-13
    And the hits—on freedom, that is—just keep coming! The only question is this: Now that more and more Americans are beginning to grasp what some of us knew all along, what are we all willing to do about it, eh?

January 31, 2013

  • Good news Bad news Union Leaders' Epiphany Leaves Then Scrambling: Wait, Obamacare Is Going to
    Drive Up Our Costs?
    While certainly not worth the pasage of the nightmare otherwise known as Obamacare, it's never-the-less true poetic justice that unions are suddenly finding they have very real issues with the plan they vehemently backed! Not only should they have known better, they were repeatedly warned of the end results, and they willfully chose to disregard those warnings. If unions had any sense whatsoever, they'd put all of their considerable influence behind efforts to repeal the damned law!

January 24, 2013

  • Bad news Tennessee to Issue REAL ID Secure Driver's Licenses 01-23-13
    With every state that finally capitulates to federal whim, we're getting closer and closer to a National ID in this country—something the vast majority of Americans say they don't want. In most of those states currently in compliance, the REAL ID is optional; ordinary licenses are available for issue, but that form of ID won't get you on an airplane or into a federal building. So you don't have to obey, but you'll be punished if you don't. Funny how that works, isn't it?

January 23, 2013

  • Bad news For your information BLOG ENTRY Are we to respond to tyranny with pacifism? 01-21-13
    I don't like the idea of a real rebellion. I'm not the kind of brave patriot that stands in the front row when bullets start flying, and I'm certainly not selfish enough to wish that others would do the bleeding and dying for me! By the same token, as much as I don't like it, this writer has a valid point, one that's been horrifically borne out in history time and again. We'd be fools and cowards not to at least be aware of the incrementalism ongoing in this country!

January 22, 2013

  • Worst possible news COMMENTARY Obama Prepares to Community-Organize America 01-22-13
    Let's not mince words, here: If Obama succeeds in this endeavor, it's over. Liberty. Prosperity. Privacy. America. All will be effectively gone. If you don't help fight this now, don't you dare think of asking, "What happened?" later!
  • Bad news Bad news BLOG ENTRY The Speech Against The Bill of Rights 01-22-13
    I'm afraid I have to agree. And without a campaign in his future to keep him in check, I suspect the President intends to do his utmost to trample every part and parcel of freedom he can get his greedy government hands on!

January 21, 2013

  • Bad news Bad news Premiums set to rise this year in run-up to ObamaCare tax on insurance industry 01-21-13
    The only people stupid enough to think Obamacare wouldn't increase costs are the people who voted for the man. Unfortunately, the higher prices are coming, and they're coming hand in hand with any number of infringements of individual rights. I'd (sarcastically) thank Obama, but the reality is he couldn't have done it without a bastion of freeloading and/or ignorant voters!
  • Bad news Wisconsin starts issuing REAL ID driver's licenses 01-20-13
    If you don't need to fly, and there's no reason for you to visit a federal facility, I'd avoid this. This de facto national ID isn't going to do anything to identify terrorists (with enough money behind you, fake documentation isn't all that hard to get, or so I'm given to understand). What it will to is serve as controls on law abiding citizens, if not right this minute, then certainly down the road.

January 16, 2013

  • Bad news Obama using Obamacare for Gun Control 01-16-13
    Interesting how the Obama administration seems to interpret the Bill of Rights as having some sort of a "right" to healthcare, but no rights to privacy or under the Second Amendment! Anybody want to bet how many doctors, should they actually have the hubris to ask, are going to be told lies?
  • Good news COMMENTARY Blood in the Water 01-16-13
    Hopeful? Yes, at least a little. But the author is right when he finishes by noting that the battle—the battle for liberty—has just begun.
  • Bad news REAL ID Compliance and the Effect of Deferred Action 01-15-13
    Do I think states should verify both identities and a person's legal presence in the country before issuing an official ID? Absolutely. Do I think REAL ID is the way to do it (along with its accompanying federal database, which turns the REAL ID-compliant licenses into a de facto national ID card)? No, I do not. And apparently just to insult my sensibilities still further (along with the Constitution), REAL ID won't prevent states from giving IDs to illegal aliens. Yeah, seriously.
  • Good news Good news VIDEO Oath Keeper Officer Calls on Brother Cops to Refuse to Enforce Gun Bans
    or Registration
    Here's the even better news: If this officer (and like-minded law enforcement everywhere) will stand against unconstitutional orders concerning firearms, they'll stand up for unconstitutional orders affecting anything and everything else.